My interview with Mark Burnett on the set of ‘Shark Tank’

Me with the great Mark Burnett

I had the rare opportunity to attend the shoot of the second season of ABC’s Shark Tank. I created “AfterShark” for the first season of the show, and for that, I interviewed the business owners after they had appeared on the show, so for the second season, I was invited to come to the set itself for the taping and do live interviews. Among the many people I was lucky enough to meet: all of the Sharks and the entrepreneurs who were slated to pitch their businesses to them on those days. Over the next few days, I’ll be posting some videos that came out of that fantastic experience.

I’ll start with the king. This is Mark Burnett. Burnett, if you don’t know, is the most powerful force in reality TV in the world. His shows include Survivor and The Apprentice, and of course, Shark Tank. We sat down in the Sharks’ chairs (he sat in Kevin O’Leary’s, I was in Daymond John’s) and talked about the show, the recession, and whether he would ever consider joining the Sharks himself one day.

10 Responses to “My interview with Mark Burnett on the set of ‘Shark Tank’”

  1. mark haely

    Want to here more and how to contact Jason Cochran and Mark Burnett about an idea.

  2. Jonathan Lalepour


    Dear Mr. Mark Burnett,

    We are small Real Estate investors. We are constantly looking for new business adventures to be involved in.

    We have come up with the perfect social networking website idea which it would change the way people in the entertainment business would interact with one and another on a business level.

    We would like to integrate & share our idea with you and somehow bring this amazing project to life.

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    We have not shared our idea with anyone at this time. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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  3. Judi Urda

    I sent a email to ABC asking …not for anything but a minute of their time. I wanted to know the brand or type of oriental carpet is used on Shark Tank. We have been looking for one like it for a long time their response was you can keep communicating with us but we’re too busy to answer your email. Well, I guess we will have to be too busy to watch Shark Tank in the future. Without people watching their shows there would be no show….something they shouldn’t forget.

    • Jason Cochran

      To be fair, ABC wouldn’t know that answer. The network broadcasts the show but another company is responsible for designing and producing it.

  4. Rodney Williams

    I have put a my ideal on shark tank 2 times since the show has came on until now. I have also looked up the host on facebook and sent them a message. I haven’t heard anything back from anyone. I have a ideal that I just got a patent on but need help getting it out their and I know it would make us a lot and the good thing is all we have invested is what it cost to get the patent so the sky is the limit on us working together.

  5. kitti Wheeler

    I am a business educator with ideas on how to promote the Shart Tank show and expand their market to teens and young adults. I don’t know who to contact.

  6. Todd Hannemann

    Hello Jason,

    Do you have an email in which I can contact you directly?

  7. Dan

    Jason, love your site. Many of the entrepreneurs seem very scripted and rehearsed. Some are pretty corny, some are very nervous and some seem like they are reading verbatim. Can you explain the coaching the entrepreneurs receive, any props the Craft Dept. does for the Entrepreneurs and whether there is a teleprompter behind the sharks that the entrepreneurs use or any cue cards? Ive searched online to discover this and have found nada after how many seasons?! Keep up the great work!

  8. Terry Griffin

    Jason, I am trying to get in touch with Mark Burnett and/or Mark Cuban to pitch them an idea
    that will create another gigantic television hit for Mr. Burnett. If you have any way for me to contact
    Mr. Burnett or Mr. Cuban, I will be eternally grateful. Great Work! Thank you so much